URGENT - Please don't delay - We need YOUR support to bring High Speed Fibre Broadband to every property in Potterne!

The day-to-day lives of the majority of people depend increasingly on the internet - for email and web browsing, but also for television, telephone, gaming, business and home-working.
Imagine that you need to move to home-working - or a potential purchaser of your house does - and your internet connection is too slow. You ask to have your connection upgraded to fibre (FTTC), but that’s impossible because Potterne hasn’t had a fibre infrastructure installed.
The result is that you simply cannot do what you want to do - or your purchaser can’t, which means that your sale falls through.
To everyone’s benefit, we must ensure that Potterne does not end up in the internet slow-lane!

The Potterne Mailing List

The COVID-19 situation has brought into sharp focus the problem of contacting Potterne residents with important local information.

That, and the Parish Council's urgent requirement to contact all residents to ask for support in providing Potterne with High-Speed Fibre Broadband, has prompted me to set up an email list of Potterne residents, the "Potterne Mailing List". All those joining the list will have the opportunity to receive occasional emails from Potterne123 - only when an important event or question arises, so you will not be inundated! - and/or help the Parish Council bring High Speed Broadband to Potterne.

To join the list, and help bring Fibre Broadband to Potterne, please complete the form on the left after you have read the following important explanatory notes:

  • **IMPORTANT!** The Phone Number you enter should be your Landline (01380) number if you have one, as this identifies your existing telephone line and will help with broadband enquiries. Otherwise, please enter a mobile number.
  • Answering "Yes" to Email Potterne Updates puts you on the list for being informed by email of Potterne information and events.
  • Answering "Yes" to Email Broadband Updates means that you would like to receive email updates of how Fibre Broadband is progressing in Potterne.
  • Answering "Yes" to Make Openreach Request means that you are potentially interested in Openreach making Fibre Broadband available in Potterne, including directly to your own property. By Answering "Yes", you allow us to pass your location details (Postcode, address and phone number) to Openreach. Please note that this is only an expression of interest, but it will will allow the Parish Council to receive a provisional quotation from Openreach.
  • We ask whether there is a Business, Charity or School at your address because the government grant available to Broadband Suppliers is higher for such establishments.
  • Answering "Yes" to Agree Privacy Notice and Terms (which is required in order to submit the form) means that you have read the information on this page and the Privacy Notice linked here.
Please note: any messages when you submit the form will appear at the top of the page - you need to scroll to the top to see them!

At any time in the future, you can return to this page and update your details and/or preferences, or unsubscribe, by typing your email address into the form.

Why BT Openreach?

You may wonder why the Parish Council is looking first towards BT Openreach to provide Potterene's fibre infrastructure - there are other, often private, companies which provide fibre to rural areas.
The reason the Parish Council has chosen Openreach is that they open their infrastructure to a number of internet providers, which should provide competition and therefore lower prices for the internet service over fibre. If you have fibre from one of the smaller companies, you are tied to that company for an internet service - which means you have to pay their price, whatever that is.

From Potterne Parish Council:

Bringing Fibre Broadband
directly to Homes and Businesses
in Potterne

If you use the internet, you will understand that the speed of your connection is important. In the early days of the internet, modem speeds were slow, but we didn’t download much data so that didn’t worry us.
As internet use increased, we moved, first, to “ADSL” (broadband supplied over phone lines from the exchange in Devizes), then to “VDSL” (supplied over phone lines from a fibre connection to the BT/Openreach green cabinet to which you are connected). VDSL is presently available to most subscribers in Potterne.
VDSL (also known as FTTC, “Fibre To The Cabinet”), is pretty fast - I am supplied from Cabinet 3 on Church Corner, and my broadband speed is about 80Mb/s. However, high speed VDSL depends on having a short cable from your house to the cabinet, and this means that people in outlying areas - Potterne’s farms, for example - cannot access such high speeds.
The next “level” of broadband is “FTTP” (Fibre To The Premises) - where the fibre connection is directly to properties - enabling everyone to access very high speeds indeed.
Many properties in towns and cities already have FTTP but, because the operation of running a fibre cable to every house is expensive, phone companies have been slow to provide FTTP in rural communities. However, phone companies can access a government grant for each property connected, making the operation commercially viable if sufficient properties are connected at the same time.
Potterne Parish Council is presently investigating various companies who might connect properties in Potterne to fibre, but if these companies are to provide a proposal we need to know who might be interested in having a fibre connection. The Parish Council has asked me to find this out, and I shall be doing this via the Potterne Mailing List.
So, if you might be interested in a fibre broadband connection to your home or business, please join the Potterne Mailing List and indicate that you are happy to be added to the list of those interested in Fibre Broadband.
If for any reason you cannot do this, but have email, please send me an email at: broadband@potterne123.uk.
Alternatively, if you do not presently have an internet connection at all but are interested in having one, please leave me a telephone message on 01380 888116
Thank you.

Cllr John Mann MBE BSc
Potterne Parish Council