St Mary's Pastoral Letter: Week 2

Is it really only the start of week two? This time of fearful uncertainty and world pandemic - haven’t we been here for months already? How will we keep going for another month or three or more?

Over the last few days, I have heard that rainbows are appearing in the windows of houses. Beautiful symbols of hope.

The picture here comes courtesy of Arthur Fower, my Great Nephew. Huge thanks to him!  He sent it by post to my Dad who is currently living with us, and it really brightened his day.

People are being encouraged to show this symbol of hope in the windows of their homes. A sign of light shining in the darkness, even in what can be described as the darkest of times, for our nation and our world. I have put this picture in the Rectory Window. Maybe we could all do something similar?

When I see a real rainbow it always makes me smile, lifts my spirits and encourages me. A real and living symbol of hope.  For in these days when it can feel like all is lost, when all is strange, when we are afraid or anxious, when hope is hard to cling to; a rainbow of hope is what we need. The symbol of God’s everlasting covenant of love with God’s people. The symbol which helps us to recall that God will never abandon us, that God journeys with us through the fear, the pain, the anxiety and the joys.

My hope has also been renewed by the number of volunteers that have stepped forward to help in the Potterne Good neighbours scheme. You really are doing a fantastic job!  I have had a number of heartfelt thank you messages from our community.

So dear friends THANK YOU,  continue to care for each other, to make that phone call, send that letter or email or have that facetime, zoom or WhatsApp conversation. Continue to pray, knowing that you are held in the loving arms of our God who hears our prayers. Continue to be community, although all around us is strange. Continue to hope, for God’s love and light are everlasting.

With love Rev Ali x