Sunday Services online with Zoom!

St Mary's Church has been using the online video-conferencing app Zoom for services most successfuly during the coronavirus lockdown. We ( have taken part in these services - it really is very easy, and you don't need a doctorate in computer science to do it yourself!

You can join via your computer or tablet with video.

Download the free Zoom app from The one you need is titled ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’.
Follow instructions to install the app on your computer or tablet.
Once the service is scheduled, click the link to automatically open Zoom and connect to the meeting.

The Zoom link for St Mary's Cjurch is presently:

When you connect, you will be "met" by the Online Verger (Stu Bridewell) who will allow you into the service.

Note 1: You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, and no-one will worry if you don't get Zoom absolutely right - we're all novices here!

Note 2: You join the Zoom service by clicking the Zoom link for the service. If you haven't already installed the free Zoom app, clicking the link will guide you through installing the app before you join - so join slightly early to leave yourself time to install the app.

For further information please visit the Wellsprings website: