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The Duchess of Cornwall visits Wiltshire's 5 Rifles in Bulford today

THE Duchess of Cornwall visited 5th Battalion The Rifles (5 Rifles) at their home in Bulford, Wiltshire, today in her capacity as Colonel-in-Chief. 07 May 2021

Police warn Facebook sellers to check for counterfeit notes

PEOPLE in Wiltshire have been urged to be vigilant when buying or selling items over social media following a spate of incidents involving counterfeit currency. 07 May 2021

Rowde comes together to 'Save Furlong Close'

As VOTERS head to the polls today (Thursday) people in Rowde have called for Furlong Close to be the priority for elected councillors. 06 May 2021

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Town and parish council elections take place on Thursday 6 May 2021 for all the seats in the respective councils. Several towns and parishes are split into wards, which makes a total of 307... 12 Apr 2021

Walking on farm land

A plea from our landowners COVID has meant that more and more people are taking the opportunity to walk through our gorgeous countryside but, unfortunately, not everyone is following the rules. The... 09 Apr 2021

Census 2021 – Your questions answered

What is the Census? The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. All kinds of organisations, from local... 17 Feb 2021

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Spare Laptop or Tablet?

Spare Laptop or Tablet?

Potterne resident Jackie Sawyer has written to to ask us to let everyone know that, if you have a spare laptop or tablet, Five Lanes School would be very happy if you would like to donate it. Five Lanes use Potterne-based company Oakford Technology to re-commission laptops and tablets so they are checked and safe for staff and pupils to use.
If you have a disused laptop or tablet, simply phone Louise, the Admin Officer at Five Lanes School, on 01380 723565. You can either take the item to the school in Worton, or Jackie Sawyer would be happy to collect and deliver - in a suitably distanced way, of course.

Potterne - A Village in Lockdown

Potterne - A Village in Lockdown

Stuart Bridewell says: "As a photographer I felt it right to record, through imagery, the way this Wiltshire village has coped with the current pandemic and what effect it has had on us all. I’ve been bowled over by the resilience, kindness, selflessness and generosity that the majority of villagers have displayed."

See Stuart Bridewell's excellent photographic record of "A Village in Lockdown" on his website here:
Election  on 6th May 2021 -Potterne votes!

Election on 6th May 2021 -
Potterne votes!

On Thursday, 6th May 2021, all eligible residents in Wiltshire will be invited to vote in a number of elections and referendums.

The Police and Crime Commissioner election, Town and Parish Council elections, Unitary Council elections, and ten local Neighbourhood Planning referendums will all be taking place.

In Potterne, we will taking part in elections for the following (clicking the link will take you to the Wiltshire Council page for that election):
* Note that boundary changes have produced the new Unitary Council Division "Devizes Rural West" which includes Potterne: follow this link for a map of the new division. (Interestingly, the new division was to be named "Seend, Potterne and Poulshot", but Seend Parish Council objected.)

Wiltshire Council's main page for the elections is here.

If any of the elections is uncontested (i.e. number of candidates less or equal to number of seats, as it has turned out yjis election for Potterne Parish Council ) there is no vote and all candidates are elected by default. This is considered by some to be undemocratic.

Updated on 9th April: The nominations for the elections have been published by Wiltshire Council as shown in the following linked documents:

Wiltshire Council (Devizes Rural West Division is on page 32.)

Potterne Parish Council (Potterne is on page 75.)

Police & Crime Commissioner.

Bringing high speed Fibre Broadband to Potterne - please help!

The day-to-day lives of the majority of people depend increasingly on the internet - for email and web browsing, but also for television, telephone, gaming, business and home-working.
Imagine that you need to move to home-working - or a potential purchaser of your house does - and your internet connection is too slow. You ask to have your connection upgraded to fibre (FTTC), but that’s impossible because Potterne hasn’t had a fibre infrastructure installed.
The result is that you simply cannot do what you want to do - or your purchaser can’t, which means that your sale falls through.
To everyone’s benefit, we must ensure that Potterne does not end up in the internet slow-lane!

The George & Dragon Inn:Take-away Mealsduring Lockdown

The George & Dragon Inn:
Take-away Meals
during Lockdown

On Friday and Saturday evenings, and for Sunday lunch, the George & Dragon Inn is providing an extensive menu of take-away meals.

**NEW** (22 Jan) - the Over-65s Menu is back!
Wednesday and Friday Lunchtimes, 12:00 to 1:30pm

We do delivery too! (Potterne only)
Please click the buttons below to see the menus...




It's not been a happy Christmas for the Potterne Mummers. Click the button to see their page, watch their video, and find out more...

"St Mary's Potterne"
- an aerial video by Brian Teeder

Local helicopter pilot Brian Teeder made this superb aerial video of St Mary's Church, Potterne, to say "thank you" to Rev David and Ann Howard when they left Potterne.
(Brian is presently working on a new aerial video of Potterne, and has promised that we can premiere it on Potterne123 when it's finished.)
Make the video full-screen by clicking the full-screen icon at the bottom of the YouTube player.